Monday, September 17, 2007

More Elf and Safety nonsense.

A hospital has removed a box of wool and knitting needles from public access, claiming it was a safety hazard. For three years, the Congleton War Memorial Hospital in Cheshire had provided a "knitting box" in its main waiting area, containing wool and needles and inviting patients and visitors to knit a square while they waited.

In that time, there had not been a single accident, injury or complaint. But health and safety staff at the small community hospital have decided the box had to go, in case someone got hurt.

Bernie Salisbury, director of nursing and operations, said: "We were concerned about the ease with which youngsters could access knitting needles in the waiting area and believe this sensible and pro-active measure will avoid preventable accidents."

...This story is another illustration of Health and Safety policy gone mad. Why is everybody being treated like idiots? There are many risks in life, like getting out of bed in the morning. Life is about assessing risks and managing them. People go out to pubs and restaurants to eat, think of all those knives and forks given to diners. Look how much damage you could do with a fork, you could poke someone's eye out with one. Look at those sharp, serrated steak knives, you could disembowel someone with one of those.

Come on Bernie, grow up and welcome to the real world. Ask your mother to knit you a nice wooly hat in case you catch a cold now that the mornings are becoming a little chilly .
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