Sunday, September 16, 2007

PC World , Acer laptops and Linux .

PC World is part of the Dixon Stores Group here in the UK and it sells lorry loads of computers. They are a very big retailer, with a well known brand and lots of advertising. Acer make computers which sell quite well, a friend of ours has an Acer laptop. Linux is a free open source computer operating system. These three things should work well together with no problems. Manufacturer, retailer and software developer.

However, one purchaser has had great difficulty with PC World. His Acer laptop computer has a faulty hinge and PC World will not honour repair or replacement because this user had installed Linux on his laptop.

This absolutely stinks and I think that his local Trading Standards office should kick arse with PC World. He has been sold a faulty laptop that should run any software and even a child will know that software cannot break a hinge on a laptop. What dumbass people are working at PC World, the company that helped get Gary Glitter convicted for viewing images on his computer.

PC World are wrong to refuse repair or replacement because Linux was installed on his laptop. No software can hurt a computer in the same way that no broadcast can hurt a television.

This is a sad case of buyer beware with a company that should know better. There are plenty of other retailers to choose from here in the UK and I suggest that if you want another computer then learn by the bad experiences of this guy and Gary Glitter and avoid PC World at all costs.
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