Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Trouble in Burma.

The trouble continues in Burma and Gordon Brown, our Prime Minister has said: “The whole world is now watching Burma and its illegitimate and repressive regime should know that the whole world is going to hold it to account.” I hope that Burma can embrace democracy and abandon it's military dictatorship. That is my hope but I fear that many lives will be lost in the process.

Democracy is vital to everyone and can be taken for granted. It annoys me when people here in the UK cannot be bothered to vote in elections. The ordinary person does not have much say or influence, just a vote every few years. That is all the choice we have, a free vote every few years for political parties that are free to operate. What a terrible world if your country is governed by an unelected army, the ultimate Police State. We are edging towards a Police State but still have a right to vote yet some people still cannot be bothered.

The situation in Burma should be a wake up call to all the people in the UK who do not vote in our elections. Your vote, use it or loose it because the people of Burma do not have a choice.
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