Sunday, September 09, 2007

Two wedding anniversaries and a holiday.

I have just come back from Great Yarmouth where we have been celebrating my 49th birthday, my parents Golden Wedding anniversary and our 16th Wedding anniversary. What a shock it has been compared to foreign holidays. Foreign holidays to countries like Tunisia and Turkey give very good value for money especially on an all-inclusive tariff. Having half board in Great Yarmouth is not good value for money, it would have been far cheaper if we had gone abroad. We are used to buying alcohol in supermarkets here in the UK and having a good drink at home. Paying for drinks in hotels and pubs really stings the wallet. The food at our hotel was good British food but you are not trying something different. The magic you get abroad from trying unusual food is simply not there, it is an everyday eating experience. Driving around another region of Britain is not a thrill, it is just more of the same. The same experience can be had from going on day trips from your own home, country drive with a pub lunch. I feel really sorry for people over 65 years of age who cannot obtain travel insurance and can only holiday at home in the UK. This is the best they can get, overpriced accommodation, the same old food and expensive drinks.

Mam and Dad have now been married for 50 years which is a wonderful achievement. I am happy for them both but feel sad that after 50 years their celebration is 6 nights in Great Yarmouth.

We have been married for 16 years and I am very pleased at how things have turned out. I can see plenty of similarities between mam and dad's marriage and our own. Forget the old adage about marrying your mother, we are simply a good team.

Another year has gone by and I am now 49 years old but do not physically feel any different from when I was 25 years old. My hair has receded and gone grey, my beard has also gone grey. I may appear older looking to strangers but I still feel a young man at heart. The thought of not being able to get travel insurance for my wife in 10 years time and having to have our holidays in the UK saddens me. Hopefully the travel insurance situation for everyone will change by the time Gail gets to 65 years of age and we can continue to holiday abroad. You never know what is around the corner, a workmate lost her husband the other week. Dave was only 53 years old, he was walking along the pavement and simply collapsed forward, smashing his jaw. There was no warning beforehand, he simply dropped dead.

It is important for everyone to enjoy their lives from day to day as nobody knows what is around the corner. It can be a long journey like mam and dad's 50 year marriage or sharply finished like the victims of terrorism. It is the 6th anniversary of 9/11 on Tuesday and anything can happen as the terrorist raids in Germany last week have demonstrated.

I go back to work on Tuesday and I hope it will be an uneventful day and not a spectacular. In the video Osama bin Laden's beard looks darker than mine but I feel his message will be heard and feared all around the world.
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