Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ultimate flashing in Leicester.

A thief tried to evade a store detective by exposing herself and squirting her breast milk at him. It is believed the woman was trying to leave traces of her DNA on the guard in a bizarre attempt to frame him for sexual assault. The woman's actions appear consistent with a disturbing new trend of thieves attempting to make trumped-up allegations of sexual assault against staff.

Citywatch, the Neighbourhood Watch equivalent for businesses, has this week warned shops in Leicester that some female thieves will touch themselves intimately before trying to leave DNA traces on store detectives. Others have picked their noses until they bleed in order to make a false allegation of assault. Store detectives in Leicester have been advised to ensure they are never alone with suspects. The woman was caught stealing in a Co-op shop in the city two weeks ago.

...Well, what can I say, this is different and demonstrates just how street-wise these young women can be. What they lack in education and morals they make up for by being innovative and street-wise. What a shock this must have been for the security guard concerned. I know what my reaction would have been and I have only read about the incident! It is a shame this incident was not captured on CCTV for the general public to enjoy on the likes of You Tube.
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