Monday, September 24, 2007

Was there any need for this?

The traffic getting into London this morning from the west was horrendous. The reason for these huge delays was simple. The traffic lights at the junction of Talgarth Road (the main A4) and North End Road (the B317) at West Kensington were not working. The Talgarth Road is one of the main routes into London bringing the traffic from the M4 motorway into the borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The Talgarth Road has 6 lanes of traffic, 3 lanes going into Central London and 3 lanes coming out towards Hammersmith.

Agents working for Transport for London who were dressed like traffic wardens were directing traffic as these traffic lights were out of order. However, someone had decided to close lane 1 in both directions. Instead of getting 3 lines of traffic through this busy junction, only 2 lines of traffic were permitted to get across this junction. This was madness, traffic flow was reduced by a third. The traffic had therefore stacked up all the way back to the M25. It took me a staggering 2 hours to drive from the M25 junction with the M4 motorway into London Victoria. This journey regularly takes around 40 minutes but today took another 1 hour and 20 minutes. This delay was totally avoidable and caused by the stupid idea of closing lane 1 in both directions. Which moron decided to close lane 1 and vastly reduce the traffic flow? I had to work for 6 hours and 15 minutes without a break because of this appalling decision over traffic management. I arrived at my destination 1 hour and 40 minutes late thanks mostly to the moron who thought it was a good idea to close lane 1 at this very busy junction. I would like to screw him to his desk for 6 hours and 15 minutes without a break.

Was this another mad idea by Ken Livingstone the Mayor of London who brought you the congestion charge that clearly is not working. I am sure that if Boris Johnson becomes the next Mayor of London, he would not have let this folly take place today. Think of the cost to business when employees are wasting 1 hour and 20 minutes of their working day.

With traffic management like that I am glad I do not live in London. Having to work 6 hours and 15 minutes without a break is awful, backward, irresponsible and against the working time directive. I now understand why people throw eggs at politicians.
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