Tuesday, October 23, 2007

5 reasons why social bookmarking doesn't work .

Social networking websites are all the rage at the moment. I am not a fan and I will continue to be a traditional blogger. For time to time I do have a glance at reddit.com to see what these sociable people think is hot on the web at the moment. The above link is a blog by Philipp Keller and he writes about all that is wrong with social bookmarking.

I have read his 5 reasons why social bookmarking does not work and I agree with him 100 per cent. You cannot beat using a search engine properly - you will get your results so much quicker. I use Livesearch from All The Web and it is simply a great tool. The way your search criteria expands is magic and is very intuitive to use. These targetted results come thick and fast. The best search engine for blogs however has to be Technorati , the others do not even come close.

I think social bookmarking is just a phase that some internet users are going through and eventually they will see the light and learn how to use search engines properly.
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