Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BBC website hit in newsroom cost cuts.

The BBC News website will be one of the casualties of the corporation cuts at it strives to save £2billion, sources have claimed. They said the website will be updated less frequently and carry fewer stories as a result of budgets being slashed.

...This is awful, the BBC News website is a lovely resource for the public to use. It is updated very frequently, gets reports online just as they are breaking and provides a very wide scope of stories. The website reports the many smaller stories that drop under the radar of the national newspaper press. If the BBC cuts back this website then the public will be left in the dark over many things they should be aware of. We also know that our government and many large companies would rather the public not know what is really happening every day in our country.

All the public can do is to sign the petition on the government website at No 10. This petition runs until the 8th June 2008 and only 14 people have signed it so far. I have added my signature to this petition and I hope that many more members of the public do so. I hope we do not become a nation enshrined in apathy and kept in the dark.
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