Monday, October 08, 2007

The irony of it all.

Front page of my newspaper today tells me that disposable income is at its lowest level for a decade, as taxes, housing costs, phone bills and travel expenses eat into salaries. The price of this same newspaper The Daily Telegraph, has increased today by 10p from 70p to 80p. I think that the editor is having a little joke here at the expense of the readers. Still, I would rather pay 80p than have a lesser read of a newspaper and you only get what you pay for as I found the other day when I glanced at a workmate's copy of The Mirror.

More shocking is the report that motorists are being forced to spend as much as £326 on replacement car keys because of increasingly sophisticated alarm systems. It usually costs about £200 to design, make and programme a new key but those used in some new cars cost significantly more, the survey found, as it is no longer a case of cutting a piece of metal to shape. Advanced alarm and immobiliser systems mean Ford Focus owners face paying up to £266 for replacement keys, while Nissan Micra owners would have to spend as much as £326 to get back behind the wheel.

...£326 for a car key. This is for a small hatchback, the only thing Micra is the name. £326 is outrageous - I would never buy a Nissan Micra because of this pricing. What a liability to the car owner, I cannot get over it and it is not my car.
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