Monday, October 08, 2007

Not the women I know.

In his feature article today Alex Bilmes writes...

She affected a blithe lack of concern, but then admitted she reads menus from the bottom up, assessing the damage the pudding might do her and adjusting her choice of starter and main course accordingly.

Actually, it's more likely to be starter or main course. Or better yet, starter as main course. Because come to think of it, I can't actually remember the last time I watched a woman eat a three-course meal. I've occasionally seen them ordered, picked at and chased around, but so seldom finished, so little enjoyed.

...Well, well, well, that is not like the women I know. They love their food and always want a starter, followed by a main course and a pudding. That is why my wife and her friends choose all-inclusive board holidays because they love their food so much. Women will vary but all the women I know want the 3 courses. Even when they are on a healthy eating diet kick they still want the 3 courses. Instead of chips they will choose mountains of salad at the likes of Harvester, where you help yourself to the legendary salad cart. Whenever these women claim to be on a diet they then have their treat day when anything goes. The cake shop to these women is a right of passage.
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