Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sainsbury's ignore British workers in favour of Eastern Europeans.

Sainsbury's in a written submission to a House of Lords inquiry said that it had greatly increased the number of immigrants it employed over the past two years and would likely continue to do so in future. The company, which employs 150,000 people, said it did not specifically recruit migrant workers and looked for the "highest calibre recruit" for any vacancy.

Prof David Blanchflower, who sits on the Bank of England's monetary policy committee, told the peers that immigration had increased "fear of unemployment" in the UK and that increased competition for jobs was likely to "have a downward impact on pay".

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research said that 382,000 eastern Europeans had moved to the UK since their countries joined the European Union in 2004.

On Saturday figures from the House of Commons library disclosed that 54 per cent of new jobs in Britain were taken by foreigners between 1997 and 2006.

...This whole saga simply stinks. Sainsbury's are ignoring British workers in favour of Eastern Europeans. This is a scandal. We are being stabbed in the back by these Eastern Europeans who will work for less money than British people and will bend over backwards to do whatever the company wants. The people in charge of Human Resources at Sainsbury's do not care about the British people or the stores customers. At the end of the day they want the cheapest slaves available within their stores. These supermarkets become successful because of the business put their way from British households, now look at how they say thank you to it's loyal customer base. There are British people living here in the UK who are willing and searching for work, yet companies like Sainsbury's are ignoring our unemployed in favour of these Eastern Europeans.

If I was running a company I would recruit my workforce totally from British passport holders. That way I could hold my head up high within the community rather than become a modern day slave trader.

What can the British people do against these back stabbing Human Resources personnel at Sainsbury's? The answer is simple, take your shopping to a company who recruits only British workers. Hit them where it hurts, at the checkouts.

"Sainsbury's - Try something new today". Oh yes, try another supermarket that does not stab the British unemployed in the back. You have a choice where you buy your household purchases, so use it wisely.
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