Monday, October 22, 2007

Spooks versus Whistle Blowers

I have watched both drama programmes on television and they are in the same genre. Spooks is brilliant and this new series is as good as the last. Spooks makes for exciting television with plenty of detail to interest the viewer. The stories are very believable, politically upbeat and have a dark humour. The plots are very well researched and are fast moving. In it's genre Spooks is hard to beat.

Whistle Blowers is a huge disappointment with a shallow script. The viewer quickly gets bored with the simple plot lines. Whistle Blowers simply does not entertain and is a programme to avoid. I watched 2 episodes of Whistle Blowers and the programme does not get any better. I will not waste any more of my time watching this cheap rubbish.

Spooks fires my imagination and is a joy to watch. In this contest Spooks is the out and out winner. I doubt if ITV will recommission Whistle Blowers, even for the easy to please American market. The BBC however have struck gold with Spooks and I expect our politicians cringe with every episode.
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