Sunday, October 21, 2007

'We were showered with flesh'

Click the link above and read the eye witness account of Victoria Schofield who had been dozing on the upper deck of Benazir Bhutto's open-air bus when a suicide bomber killed 139 people in his attack.

...My first thought was that it had been an unusually large firework. But Benazir's cousin, just beside me, said: "No, that was a bomb." Our instinct was to get out of the vehicle but in the darkness another voice urged: "Wait, there could be another explosion." Within the same breath, as we lay huddled together, another, more deafening blast shook the bus and we were showered with what felt like heavy rose petals. Then I realised the chilling truth: they were flakes of human flesh.

Some 139 people among the crowd had been killed, it emerged over the next few hours. The bus was armour-plated but its left side was dented and a fire was raging.

...I have read the reports in the newspapers and I am shocked about what has happened. Benazir Bhutto was warned about suicide attacks on her yet she ignored these warnings and went along with her campaign. She is a very silly woman and has ignored common sense. She was living safely in exile due to her previous political life in Pakistan yet she would not leave alone. She has poked her nose in and 139 lives have been lost. She should have left Pakistan to sort out it's own problems with security and democracy. Change can only happen when the general population mass for change from the grass roots. A disgraced figurehead should not lead the movement for change - it has to come from fresh faces. There are big problems in Pakistan but it is for the working people to encourage and vote for change.

Thankfully we do not have these terrorist threats in the UK and although our population is apathetic and cannot be bothered to vote, buses do not get blown apart in our cities. The London bombings of 7th July was an attack on our country - it was not a targetted attack against one particular politician. You have to go back a long time to the Brighton bombing of 1984 to form a parallel with the attack in Karachi. I like to think that Britain and Pakistan are worlds apart but maybe this is just an illusion. This will explain why Tony Blair and other ex government ministers like David Blunkett receive life long security protection.
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