Thursday, November 08, 2007

Let's have a burger.

A couple of weeks ago I went out with friends for a meal and had a steak. Having a steak can be a lottery, it can be nice, very nice or it can be bad, very bad. You do not know what you will be getting, the product is inconsistent. My steak was rough and I gave half of it to my dog when I returned home. There was no point complaining because it is the nature of the beast and my friends were very happy with the steaks they had. Never again I thought, I will not take a risk the next time I dine out. So last week I decided when eating out with friends to play safe and have a burger. I chose a double 6oz BBQ burger with all the trimmings at a branch of the Sizzling Pub Company . This meal was gorgeous, tasty, full of flavour and was a meal fit for a king. The price of this dinner was very good and I would certainly eat at this chain again. We all know that with nationwide food chains the product is the same throughout the country and all the food comes on lorries from distribution hubs. What you get in Aberdeen is the same as you get in Penzance.

Today I go out for another meal, this time to a pub in the Green King chain. Due to the success of my previous burger dining experience I chose the double 8oz giant burger with all the trimmings. What a difference, this burger was gross. My dog had a lot to eat today - a whole 8oz burger to himself. One Green King burger was enough and I will never buy one again, it was gross. Where was the beef, I thought I was eating dog food? Again there was no point in complaining because this product is whatever comes down on the lorry. Why did someone in head office decide to buy these awful, cheap burgers? If I was a manager at head office I would sack the employee responsible for buying these disgusting beef burgers and demand that they eat one of these burgers at their termination interview. I have had Green King food before and it is generally good, tasty, with generous portions and value for money. However I will not be having one of their beef burgers ever again. I intend to get my dog food at Pets' at Home not Green King.
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