Sunday, November 04, 2007

Newport grinds to a halt again.

Yet again today Newport grinds to a halt as the Gwent Police close the M4 Motorway...

One lane remains closed on the M4 motorway near Newport following a crash involving a motorcyclist. Police and fire crews are at the scene of the accident which happened at around 1440 GMT on Sunday.

The westbound carriageway was closed between junction 27 at High Cross and junction 28 Tredegar Park. The eastbound carriageway was also closed for a time but has since reopened. Congestion on the westbound carriageway goes back to junction 25. An ambulance is at the scene with two fire crews.

...This is yet another example of the Police closing a motorway at the drop of a hat. Time and time again this happens with today's delay being an extra 60 minutes traveling time. There was no need to close the M4 Motorway for 3 hours this afternoon and closing the unaffected eastbound carriageway is the height of bloody mindedness from the Gwent Police. When will our politicians kick the arse of this obstructive Police force or are we already living in a Police state?

Sir Ian Blair clearly thinks the Police can do whatever they please including shoot-to-kill an innocent man. Closing Motorways for no good reason is child's play to these people.
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