Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Talk Talk broadband - a year on.

I had a comment posted on my blog today about broadband service here in the UK. The comment was posted by Anonymous - which is sad because I like to stand up and be counted with my posts and comments. The comment is actually spam for Orange Broadband but it made me think.

A year after switching to Talk Talk broadband I am happy and content with the service I and my wife are enjoying. We simply turn this computer on, double click on our favourite internet browser and away we go along the internet superhighway. Talk Talk, it's modem and infrastructure are all behind the scenes and we are unaware of it's workings. We just use an internet browser and our internet experience is very good. I have no complaints about the broadband service we are receiving from Talk Talk. A lot of internet users here in the UK are moaning about the actual received broadband speed compared to advertised speeds. I am not bothered about this controversy, this broadband speed appears fast to me. The actual broadband speed is fast enough and I am never waiting for pages to download. I can only read and touch type so fast - I am the limiting factor here, not the download speed.

Even looking at the cheapest Orange Broadband price of £12 a month - we have saved £144 this last year. That is a big, big saving for exactly the same internet experience.

I am glad that we made the switch to Talk Talk broadband, it costs us nothing and the internet experience is great. I am sticking with our Free Broadband deal with Talk Talk and it is a free lunch - the only catch was the bad switch over.

To any bloggers reading this in the UK, make the switch - it is worth it in the long run and you will save pounds. Your internet experience will be exactly the same!
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