Sunday, December 30, 2007

Burke in a Merc

A motorist has been fined £30 for defrosting his car outside his home because he left it unattended with the engine running. Ken Hardman, 45, was prosecuted for the offence of "quitting" after the vehicle was spotted by a police officer.

However, Mr Hardman, of Whittle-le-Woods, Lancashire, said that thieves had no way of stealing his Mercedes saloon because its windows and doors could be locked while the engine was running. He said: "I heard a knock on the door at 8.20am. The officer asked me whether the car was mine and said that, if it was, I was committing a crime.

A police spokesman said: "The officer tried to offer words of advice but the male refused to accept them. So the officer was left with no option but to issue a fixed penalty notice of £30.

...And so here we have another tale of a Burke in a Merc. What is it with owners of Mercedes? They appear to have very little in the way of common sense and always appear to believe that they are above the law. They feel that the law should apply only to lesser people, people with less money than them. There is no need to warm a car up to defrost the windows, that is a waste of money (petrol or diesel), time, against the law and offends the environment. All you need to defrost car windows is some hot water, just like you use to wash your hands and face. Simply pour the hot water over the windows, open the door, jump in, switch on the engine and drive away.

I think this Mercedes owner was one of the many arrogant Mercedes owners who will not take advice from anyone, including the Police. If he took the Police Officers advice and turned his engine off, he would not have been given a fine. But no, Mercedes owners are special, a special kind of Burke who will just flaunt their money and arrogance at anybody who gets in their way.
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