Saturday, December 22, 2007

Council surveys to ask about sexuality

Local councils have been ordered by the Government to send out a survey asking for the personal details and opinions of residents. The survey, which could cost £55 million by 2012 and have been branded "highly intrusive and sinister", asks for details of householders' children, jobs, health, religion and sexuality.

In a consultation paper published by Hazel Blears, the Communities Secretary, councils are even advised to disguise the fact that the survey comes from the local authority because respondents may "like the area but not like the local authority". Instead, it suggests using the brand of a market research company, if one is being hired to carry out the survey.

...Well this is just plain sneaky. Why don't councils just mind their own business? People are so fed up with intrusive surveys from nosey companies and councils that they are being advised to disguise the source of these dreadful surveys. People vote with their feet, if an area is so bad then people will move away. It does not take surveys to find out the problems within local areas. It is no business of councils the religion or sexuality of their council tax payers.
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