Monday, December 24, 2007

The dress code.

I wear a uniform in my day job. The predominant colour is blue but I do have a high visibility coat. This coat is lovely and warm. It is also waterproof. It does it's job and keeps me dry and warm. Some people claim that they cannot drive a coach wearing one of these high visibility coats. Some people think they are too bulky and other people think it does not look right. I am happy to wear the high visibility coat whilst driving my coach until the interior coach temperature rises to normal office temperature. I do not think that this looks unprofessional and I am very comfortable and warm. I am aware that some transport managers dislike the public seeing coach drivers wearing high visibility garments whilst behind the wheel. I feel that if I am warm and cosy then I am safe. Looks are a personal thing and are quite a conversation point among workers in many industries.

On the Truck Driver's forum they are having a debate at the moment about wearing high visibility clothing whilst driving a lorry. One forum member's post really made me smile...

I put my hi-vis on when I get to work and leave it on, so whats the big deal? who cares? I'm a truck driver not a fashion icon.

But then again, I think people who wear baseball hats, especially backwards or side ways are Pratt's.

Or rigger boots.

Or trousers that stop halfway up your calf.

Or shave their heads.

Or, and I have seen this, all four at once.

One mans meat.......................

This guy has written fair comment here and I certainly agree with him on trousers that stop halfway up your calf! What possesses men to buy these cut down trousers is beyond me - they look absolute wallies. High visibility garments in the workplace I have no problem with.
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