Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Omid Djalili Show.

I am enjoying The Omid Djalili Show on BBC1, he does a very good stand-up routine. His satire is spot-on and he is prepared to take chances. The other week he did a piece about the 7th July London bombers . At the mention of 7/7 his audience went sharply quiet but he continued. The 7th July suicide bombings are a very difficult event to satirize but Omid did it spot-on. He was worried about how the public would take to satire about an event that claimed 52 innocent lives. He wrote on his blog ...


For anyone perturbed by the 7/7 bombing material that aired on the programme Saturday night, I thought I should explain that in doing this material, my hope was to highlight the absurdity of the pointless actions of the suicide bombers.

Those of you who know my stand up will realise that while I believe there should be no taboos in comedy, I’d also never want to offend anyone or make light of the suffering of those that died and their families, so that was not my intention. Rather, I wanted to highlight the sheer madness of the terrorists themselves and their complete lack of regard for human life.

The satire on the northern accents (Leeds bombers) was to indicate the cultural confusion and ignorance of those individuals who show no loyalty or respect to the country that took them in and the British way of life that has nurtured them.

Comedy and the use of satirical humour is my way of highlighting the important issues we face living in multi cultural Britain today, unfortunately terrorism is one of those issues which I believe we should take a stand against together wherever and however possible.

- OD

...This was just one piece of comedy and Omid Djalili will poke fun at a whole range of things. He tends to make a lot of observations about cultural differences, not just the obvious differences between his parents' Iran and the UK. He will compare many lifestyles and regional identities and leave the viewer believing that everyone is a minority - no matter how big they feel the size of their demographics are in the community. The content of his satire is very good and this is coupled with his lovely mimicking of all accents - UK regional and English Spoken as a Foreign Language. My favourite was his ranting the other week as a Nigerian Parking Enforcement Officer in London, not just the accent but the actual use of English by people that are often over-qualified for the jobs they are doing.

Watching the credits at the end of the television programme you will see that Omid Djalili is not the only writer but part of a team. I do not know but I feel that the stand-up material is 100% Omid but that maybe the sketches are team written. The sketches are not as good as the stand-up and as a viewer I would be happy just to have the stand-up without the sketches. His satire is spot-on and his range of characters with accompanying accents is a delight to watch.
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