Friday, January 04, 2008

Bags may be searched.

On Monday, New Years Eve, in my day job, I had to go to Edinburgh. Because of the Hogmanay celebrations there were various road closures in the City Centre. I had to take a different route and I came out at where I wanted to go. When I crossed the river and turned east at the far end of Princes Street I looked to my left where the road was closed to all vehicles and saw a large dot matrix sign. This was a large portable sign on a trailer of the type used along motorways. The message displayed filled me with shock.

"Bags may be searched".

Ah, I thought, you would never get me in there. Look at them, marching in like lambs to the slaughter. What if a suicide bomber was mingling amongst the crowds? What an awful way to end the year. There is a chance that a New Year celebration event in a British city would become a target for a suicide bomber to mark the end of the year. I sent a text message to a friend who may have thought I was scaremongering, warning everyone to stay indoors at home.

But what do I now read on the internet? There was a terrorist threat to the New Year celebrations, in Holland ...

Rotterdam terror attack foiled: Telegraaf

Thursday 03 January 2008

Three men arrested in Rotterdam on New Year’s eve following a tip off by the security services were planning a terrorist attack on the city’s Erasmus bridge where 15,000 people were due to celebrate the New Year, according to Thursday’s Telegraaf.

The paper says its information comes from ‘well informed sources’ involved in the investigation.

Three men in their 30s, two with dual Dutch and Moroccan nationality and one alleged to be an illegal immigrant from Sudan, are currently in police custody.

Although there has been widespread speculation over whether the suspects were planning a terrorist attack, the security service and public prosecution office have said only that the men were suspected of planning an attack in the near future.

A spokeswoman for the prosecution department declined to comment on the possible target of such an attack or its motive, reports news service ANP.

...So my fears were realistic, I was not scaremongering. Maybe our British Intelligence Services knew something and the would be suicide bombers looked for an easier target. In 4 years time we will be holding the 2012 Olympics which will be an enormous security headache. Happy New Year everyone. Remember, the Islamists have many ways to recruit new members to their faith. It is not always the obvious ways that they employ to recruit new members, sometimes they use a Trojan Horse and other faith groups are blind and ignorant to the true nature of their purpose within our society.
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