Sunday, January 20, 2008

Club rules .

Here in the UK many clubs and businesses have their own rules. These organisations choose their own rules and that is simply their business. These are commonly called club rules or company policy whether it is a sports club or a franchise business.

Of course some club rules can court a lot of publicity and engender a lot of public debate. Muslims have their own club rules and they are called Sharia Law. Click the link above and you can read a 3 page newspaper story about the effects Sharia Law is having here in the UK.

I cannot get excited about this story but I am sure a lot of Daily Mail readers will. Muslims are a self selected group and if they want their own internal club rules then that is their business and nobody else's. Many clubs and businesses have an influence on main stream society but I do not think their influence should be overstated. I think this story has been talked up to have popular appeal. These Imams might have their fantasy law sessions in private but their thoughts of bringing Sharia Law into the British justice system is a harmless pipe dream. All club members can get very excited about their club making it big and becoming top of their league. Muslims are no different in their aspirations. OK, so some of them get very excited indeed and think other religious clubs should rot in hell but that is the nature of the beast. Fantasy rules for a fantasy religion, they go hand in hand really.
I agree with you opinion that at least for now, the role of sharia courts, and these exclusive groups are harmless. But I worry about what lies down the road. A fundamental principle of Islam is that everyone should convert. And those who are Muslim have different standing in society than non-muslims. This is what worries me. I think they should have some leeway in personal law to govern themselves. However if they continue to grow, and continue to expand their influence what will happen to freedom of expression, equality, etc. I could be years before this happens, if ever. I am left to wonder. Thanks for commenting on my post.
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