Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Deception Point by Dan Brown .

I have just finished reading Deception Point by Dan Brown. I found the book an entertaining, easy read. It is full of escapism featuring top successful glamourous people who are doing very well and nothing gets in their way. This is not a tale of ordinary life but one of heroic people who move from glory to glory. The story has the pace and style of a Hollywood blockbuster film.

Dan Brown's writing is very good and he has taught English and creative writing at Phillips Exeter Academy. His writing ticks all the right boxes making this a well told tale.

At the end of this book you do not feel moved, inspired or awakened. You feel entertained in the same way as if you had watched a good movie. This book should be viewed as entertainment and does not broaden the mind like other more inspirational novels can do.
I agree that it is an entertaining read. I have read a few other Dan Brown novels, but the twists and surprises in this novel kept me guessing. Toward the end of the novel, I could predict what the ending would be.
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