Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fire brigade 'discriminating against white men .

A fire brigade has been accused of pursuing a policy of discrimination after it excluded white men from part of a recruitment drive. Only women and people from ethnic minorities are allowed to attend four of the five open days being held by Avon Fire Service to attract new recruits. The fire brigade said it was targeting specific groups because currently 97 per cent of its 921 employees are white men.

...This is stupid and Avon Fire Service are wrong. Recruitment and jobs should be open to all. It makes no difference the gender or ethnic origin of job applicants. I cannot stand this obsession of some managers' to have a workforce that they can claim is representative of the community they serve. We want fire fighters and do not care what gender or ethic origin they have. The same applies to health service workers and every other job available in this great multicultural country of ours. We want workers to do jobs not fulfil some representative demographic quotas.
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