Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Girl on a leash.

A Goth who walks his girlfriend on a leash has complained that he was discriminated against by a bus driver who refused to allow him to board. Tasha Maltby, 19, and her fiance, Dani Graves, 25, were not allowed to get on a bus in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, and claim the driver told them: : "We don't let freaks and dogs like you on." Bus company Arriva Yorkshire admits the couple were barred from the bus but said it was because of passenger safety. Paul Adcock, operations director, said: "Arriva takes any allegation of discrimination very seriously and have interviewed the driver regarding Mr Graves' claims.

"Our primary concern is passenger safety and while the couple are very welcome to travel on our buses, we are asking that Miss Maltby remove her dog lead before boarding the bus.

"It could be dangerous for the couple and other passengers if a driver had to brake sharply while Miss Maltby was wearing the lead. We are writing to Mr Graves to apologise for any distress caused by the way this matter was handled."

...What a load of rubbish. This Arriva driver was just feeling his feet. This is not a health and safety issue but the driver being awkward. Imagine if this passenger had been using a mobility aid, walking stick, walking frame or a wheelchair. The driver would have been sacked and the press would have had a field day. The driver should have turned a blind eye. It is far better to have a well trained woman on a bus than feral school children. This driver must be sent away for diversity training before he does more damage within our multicultural society.
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