Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's dirty book time at M&S .

Oh, the embarrassment of it all. A grand parent tries to purchase a dirty book in Marks and Spencer but is told to put the offending book into a shopping bag themselves. The customer said the woman behind the till refused to touch the book once she realised what it was, and made a reference to a fellow worker about being “unclean”. The store is investigating the incident.

When I stopped laughing about this story I feel that the cashier was totally wrong in her attitude. She took the job on, her employer is not asking her to buy and read this dirty book. This book is not going to bite her or bring her out in spots if she touches it. It is OK for workers to moan about customers in private but it is unprofessional and bad form to insult them face to face. This cashier should be given some diversity training very quickly indeed. I love books and no matter how challenging I may find the material, I would have no problem processing the sale. It is after all the customer's money, not mine and their custom keeps me in a job even if they are buying a dirty book or a book of fairy tales.

And the title of this offending, dirty and unclean book is...

First Bible Stories.
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