Monday, January 21, 2008

Roadblocks ahead from a Police force near you.

Motorists face being subjected to random breath-testing as part of the biggest shake-up of drink-drive laws since the introduction of the breathalyser 40 years ago. Ministers are convinced that tougher enforcement is the key to cutting the number of alcohol-related road deaths. Their plans for random testing will be unveiled within weeks. The proposed changes would allow breath tests to be carried out at any time, with roadside checkpoints being set up at points where police were confident they could catch lawbreakers.

However, the latest drink drive figures show that number of breath tests rose from 145,867 during the 2006 Christmas period to 155,216 last year. But while tests went up, there was a dramatic fall in positive breath tests - which went down from 9,658 in 2006 to 7,774 last year.

...So, let's get this right. Drink driving is down so the Police want to introduce random breath testing and treat everyone like disobedient children. People will be stopped and their journeys delayed because Ministers and the Police think that drunk drivers are getting away without detection. The Police really know how to piss the public off and they whinge about not getting public support. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? The trust has gone, gone forever and with it any goodwill. Random breath testing at work and now random breath testing along the road. Welcome to the Police state brought to you by Taliban Light.
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