Sunday, February 03, 2008

Baghdad market bombers 'mentally impaired'

Two women with Down's Syndrome were used to deliver remote-controlled bombs to the heart of Baghdad's thriving markets, killing at least 93 people and shattering the Iraqi capital's fragile peace. Disturbing details of the "brutal and barbaric" attacks emerged last night, with Iraqi officials claiming the women may not have known they were on a suicide mission.

Instead, they may have unwittingly become part of al-Qa'eda's campaign to kill off any semblance of normality in the Iraqi capital. "Both women were mentally impaired," said Major General Qasim Ata. "The explosives were detonated by remote control."

Investigators last night said they had found mobile phones used to detonate the bombs - each weighing up to 33lbs and laden with metal slugs which became missiles when the bombs were detonated. They were hidden under the traditional garments worn by the women, whose identity and nationalities were unknown.

In the first attack, a woman walked into the popular al-Ghazl pet market in central Baghdad, which was thronging with locals who have ventured back into the streets after a recent return to relative calm in the capital. A witness said the bomber called out, saying she had birds to sell. A crowd gathered, then the bomb was detonated, killing scores of people around her.

Just 20 minutes later, at al-Jadida, in the south-east of the city, an almost identical attack took place.

...This very sad story was also covered in The Times and The Independent . It has all the hallmarks of Al Qaeda and they have used these women as cannon fodder. Whenever these terrorist acts are become difficult to mount the terrorists find new ways to attack. The terrorists are very good at recruiting sane people with their fiery rhetoric but to use 'mentally impaired' suicide bombers is doubly evil. The terrorists are treating these recruits like lambs to the slaughter - you will never know if they were truly consenting adult suicide bombers. OK - suicide bombers must have a screw loose and cannot think straight but what happens if the terrorists break into a psychiatric hospital and train all the patients to be suicide bombers? I can imagine The Sun headline now, "Nutters on the loose". This is not a level playing field and just shows how low these terrorists can go. When you think the violence in Iraq is finally decreasing, BANG it goes off again, in yet another crowded public market place. Remember, not all the lunatics are in the asylum.
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