Thursday, February 28, 2008

British tourist has penis chopped in Caribbean.

A British plumber is recovering after having his penis partially chopped off by attackers while he was holidaying on a Caribbean island. Alan Reed, 43, was found lying in a pool of blood by his girlfriend Ellie Rothery, 21, after a night out in the popular resort of Cabarete in the Dominican Republic. Mr Reed, who claims not to remember very much about his ordeal, is receiving medical attention in a private clinic in the town of Puerto Plata.

He became seperated from Miss Rothery for a couple of hours after she returned to their restaurant table to find him gone. After searching the town and beach for him, she eventually found him lying semi-conscious on their bed wearing only a pair of shorts that were covered in blood. Inspector Contreras, of the Dominican Republic's National Police at Cabarete, said: "We believe this happened at an isolated spot on the beach between the resort and the victim's hotel which is about three miles away.

...Shock, horror, I have been to the Dominican Republic in May 2006 for a holiday 9km from the resort of Puerto Plata where Alan Reed is receiving medical attention. I wrote on my holiday blog...

The hotel site is surrounded by a high fence with barbed wire on the top and the coach pulls up at a gate house with a barrier which is manned by a guard armed with a pistol...Common advice is not to walk out of the complex on your own, which I had agreed with my wife to abide by.

...I am glad I followed the common advice and did not walk out on my own away from our hotel. Friends have said do not go walking off on your own in the Caribbean and now I know why, as Alan can testify. This explains the reason for the high barbed wire fence and the armed guard on the gate of our hotel. That is what I like about the holidays I have had in Greece, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey - you can walk around on your own without fear of assault. Freedom is important and without that your holiday experience is greatly diminished.

I feel sorry for Alan who was only having fun and a few drinks. Things could have been worse, he could have bled to death as a result of this savagery by the natives. If Alan writes a blog, he may end his holiday post like I did...

I enjoyed the holiday, it was different but I will not ask to go again.
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