Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Paperback book sizes.

I have got a little bored with newspapers of late and I have been taking a paperback book with me to read during the rest breaks in my day job. I had got very used to regular sized newsprint and changing to paperback books was a big change to reading page size. One of the best ways to buy paperback books is over the internet from a leading website called Amazon . If your order is greater than £15 then you pay no extra for postage and packing. Therefore I sent off an order for 4 paperback books the other day. The postman delivered the books in a regular sized box. On opening the box and checking the paperback books I noticed that each of the 4 books was a different size.

This rather surprised me and I wondered why there was not an industry standard paperback book page size. I am used to regular newspaper page print sizes and the photocopier/printer standard A4 size paper. Why paperback books have not followed a standard is beyond me. This must really annoy the paperback book printers!

If it was down to me there would be a common paperback book page size for all books. I prefer big pages and the regular letter A4 size would get my vote for ease of use as a reader. The important thing about books is the content and messing about with page sizes achieves nothing. Remember the old adage: never judge a book by it's cover. A standard book size would make mail order parcels easier to pack and bookshop shelves easier to stock - a win-win situation. Having a common page size may even reduce the publishing costs a shade too.
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