Friday, February 15, 2008

So much for a Red Route.

Leaving London this afternoon along the main A4 - a Red Route clearway road - the Metropolitan Police closed the road to all traffic in both directions. This added another 30 minutes to my journey as the whole local area gridlocked. This is both a primary and a Red Route, no stopping, no waiting and no parking. Outgoing traffic was forced down Brompton Road with it's junction with Cromwell Gardens. Yet the Police insisted in closing the road with their cars and plastic tape. Preserve the scene - just what is the point. Cause an avoidable nuisance and increased costs to everyone else they certainly did. There was no mention of this on the BBC News website or the London Evening Standard website because this was just another road traffic accident. There were no vehicles blocking the highway, the only obstructions were the Police cars and metres of plastic tape. As I drove off down Brompton Road the Police were moving the only vehicle at the scene, a green lorry that did not appear to have any damage done to it.

If the Police are not shooting innocent Brazilian electricians they are closing public roads for no sensible reason but to be a bloody minded nuisance to everyone.
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