Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Speed limits through roadworks.

Generally where roadworks are taking place on dual carriageways around the country there is a temporary speed limit of 50 mph imposed to protect the workforce. This seems fair and appropriate. In my neighbouring County of Newport there is a 50 mph speed restriction on the A449 where traffic on this dual carriageway is reduced to one lane in each direction. This seems fair whilst work is taking place and motorists accept this as best or acceptable practice.

However, in Derbyshire through the roadworks on the A617 near Chesterfield there is a 40 mph speed restriction which seems over cautious and a little out of place. Motorists will reduce their speeds but not to 40 mph as this does not appear necessary. Further north of here along the A61 from Chesterfield going towards Sheffield there are more roadworks but here speeds are restricted to 30 mph. This is simply taking the piss and motorists will ignore this restriction because it is inappropriate. Both these Derbyshire roadworks are on a dual carriageway where the traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction.

Are Derbyshire's roads really that dangerous? I doubt it very much and I think some council official is just taking the piss. All these roadworks are in rolling and open countryside with no joining or leaving traffic. It cannot be justified to have different speed restrictions in different parts of our country at a whim. Let common sense prevail and have a nationwide agreed 50 mph roadwork speed restriction, not these potty 40 and 30 mph local restrictions. Trouble is you will get some super observant motorists who will stick to this 30 mph limit and hold up the following traffic at great increased cost to business for an unnecessary and avoidable delay.
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