Sunday, March 09, 2008

Another one stopped from workplace blogging.

Oh, the list goes on, employers just do not want people writing blogs about their day jobs. Employers think that bloggers may tarnish their brand if they write something that the general public may read on the internet. Rather than stand up and be counted, employers will bully staff into not writing about their day jobs. Oh, the public face of companies is very different - text your feedback - everyone is tell us what you think - BUT NEVER post your comments on the internet for anybody to read.

This goes across a range of nationwide companies but also includes our government departments. Civil Serf is 33, lives in London and works in the Civil Service, an institution she describes as "pointless and doomed". The rest, however, remains a mystery. Known only as "Civil Serf", she recounts the trials and tribulations of a Whitehall woman working in "the land of serfdom", bemoaning the futile efforts of her unnamed government department to effect any real change. Since she began blogging in November, Civil Serf's site has received almost 9,000 hits, with more than 4,600 readers logging on last month alone.

If you click on the link for Civil Serf now you will read...

This page does not exist.

So, so much for living in a free country, with free speech. You cannot write about your day job or your employer may sack you. If you work for our government, elected by the people in free elections and paid for by the people, you cannot write about the problems within government because they can sack or silence you. What can we British write about without censorship? The weather perhaps? Certainly nothing about our day jobs or poetry .
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