Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Battle for Haditha .

I watched the film called Battle for Haditha on Channel 4, plus the follow up programme about the cover up by the American Marines on More 4 last night. I am familiar with the tragic events that happened at Haditha in Iraq on 19 November 2005. The film was a very realistic re-enactment of what actually happened in the lead up to that tragic day, the horrific slaughter and the aftermath. The true horror of that day was shown together with the very strong emotions expressed by all parties. It is right that Channel 4 has made and broadcast this film so that the public can understand the grim reality of what really happened. You realise how people will openly lie to get away with murder and how work mates will stick together no matter how evil their actions have been. These events were truly shocking but it is better that the truth has come out in the end. The film was very well done and I can recommend other people to watch it if it is repeated.

The follow up programme about the cover up by the Americans was very gripping. It is terrible that at the end of the day these Marines have got away with murder. All the Marines have walked away free from their acts of genocide. Justice has clearly not been done which is like attacking the Iraqi people twice. This was a war crime and the Marines should have been prosecuted as such.

I wrote about this event in this blog on Friday, March 24, 2006 and I still stand by my comment of "What these American troops have done is plain evil, I would call it genocide".
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