Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Budget and pub closures.

So 4p has been added to the price of a pint of beer in the latest budget from our government. Industry voices are saying that this increase of 4p a pint will lead to more pub closures, especially in rural areas.

What rubbish these people talk. Pubs close because they are business failures for many reasons. There is a demand for pubs everywhere but if landlords are greedy then people will go elsewhere. Look at the huge difference between the price of beer in supermarkets and the price of beer in pubs. People decide where they are going to drink and if they choose a pub for social reasons then 4p a pint extra will never put them off. Take 5 pints and that could cost you an extra 20p for an evening out. A lot of people will not even bend down to pick up a dropped 20p coin. This tiny increase will not lead to more pub closures in the same way that if 4p a pint was lobbed off the taxation of beer in pubs, they would suddenly become popular again.

Many pubs will close if they do not meet the demands at sensible prices - good managers will offer their customers value and prosper. Greedy landlords will see their business fail and that is their fault for being so greedy. Look at your big successful pub chains, they offer a good range of competitively priced food and drink. Your small rural pub landlord may think his pub offers class but that will not pay his bills whilst he overcharges his snobby customers. Grow up landlords and offer your customers value or it is a trip to the bankruptcy court for you Greedy Boy.
Too right!

A friend is currently holidaying in Sunderland and has seen the price for the pint he paid for this evening reduce by 20p from the price he paid for an identical pint last year.
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