Friday, March 28, 2008

Now You're Gone by Basshunter .

We bought a CD the other week called Now That's What I Call Music! 69 and it is great to have playing in our car. Sometimes I hear a tune and it just hits the spot. This track, number 3 on disc 1, is my favourite as it has that holiday Eurodance sound that I just love to hear. The single Now You're Gone peaked at No.1 on the UK Singles Chart in 2008 and the British iTunes Chart. Now You're Gone stayed at the UK No.1 spot for five weeks before being knocked off by Welsh female artist Duffy with her song "Mercy". The single uses the same music as "Boten Anna" , a major European hit in 2006, but its lyrics, performed in English are completely different. The arrangement of this song is classic and the listener can imagine they are on holiday dancing around a swimming pool without a care in the world, living a dream.

The song works well in both languages and all you want to do is dance. Watch the video's below to appreciate just how good the English and Swedish versions are.

In English - Now You're Gone

In Swedish - Boten Anna

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