Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vote for Ken as London Mayor

I read the above article yesterday in the newspaper about the 3 candidates for the election of the next Mayor for London. I cannot vote in the London elections because I live in Cardiff but I can and will express my opinion. London is not just for Londoners and many people travel regularly into London like I do. London is holding the 2012 Olympics which will bring a lot of money into the whole of the UK and we will benefit from this knock on effect even in Cardiff. Ken Livingstone was tremendous in his help in bringing the Olympics to Britain.

Of the 3 candidates Ken Livingstone is the best one to vote for. When you examine his track record and what he has done for London you will realize why. Boris is a wonderful television character but I cannot support any politician who endorsed the evil Section 28 legislation. Brian was a Police Officer and you know how much I hate their policy of closing roads at the drop of a hat.

Ken Livingstone is the most capable and most experienced candidate of the 3. We know what good he has done for London and he is the one who comes out best in interviews. He will never be as entertaining as Boris but this is politics not television. You want the job of London Mayor done well rather than be entertained by a witty commentator.

Vote for Ken - you know it makes sense.
Here, here! Remember "Red" Ken was voted for by Londoners when he went alone, devoid of any political party. He promised the controversial congestion charge zone; increased bus frequencies and the potential of a low-emission zone. All three promises have been kept and most importantly delivered.

To hear the backlash against him on these policies now is very annoying: it's being demonstrated by those who, at the time, couldn't care less about who was elected as London Mayor. At least now they may take notice and exercise their democratic right to vote in the forthcoming election.

As an old lecturer of mine once said "Ken might be a comunist but he's got the transport situation right in London", and it is the transport situation that I'm most affected by in my day-to-day life as a non-Londoner.
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