Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Beware of horses, they may fine you £60 .

Driving along yesterday with my parents and my wife there was talk about the Police using a horsebox to catch motorists with a speed camera. This I was sure was a newspaper April Fools story. They insisted it was not and a quick search on the internet revealed the story linked above and the video below. The story is true and I am disgusted. Officers in north Wales are using a horsebox parked by the side of the road to hide a speed camera. The horsebox with two officers inside was parked near Llanrwst in the Conwy Valley on Sunday. Sunday's deployment saw the horsebox parked on a straight stretch of the A470 at Maenan near Llanrwst. The road has a 60mph limit but is renowned for speeding.

It is an offence to impersonate a Police Officer yet their speed camera revenue inspectors are clearly misleading the public and impersonating horse owners. This is not a level playing field and it is grossly unfair. The Police wonder why they do not have the support of the public any more yet they use these guerrilla tactics . These Police Officers are very sneaky and lay in wait wherever the speed limit is inappropriate. Although this road has the national speed limit, cars may drive up to 60 miles per hour, lorries are restricted to 40 miles per hour along this road. Tesco lorries stick to these speed limits rigidly and big queues form behind these lorries. There is no need for a lower speed limit for lorries. Today's lorry is nothing like a lorry 50 years ago and you cannot justify a difference in speed limits. Drive a car for longer than four and a half hours without a break - no problem. Drive a car along a major rural road at a speed fifty per cent faster than a lorry - no problem. A car driver makes a minor mistake in an office - no problem. A lorry driver exceeds 40 mph on a single carriageway road and he could loose his job as well as a fine with penalty points. Driver training for lorry drivers is far higher than for car drivers yet the law treats them like children. It does not make sense but makes great revenue for the treasury.

It would be nice to make a protest about these Police tactics but there is little anyone can do without getting into trouble. A dirty protest would be nice, scoop up some horse manure and throw it into the horsebox at the camera operator. This is what the Police deserve. All we can do when we spot these hidden camera traps is to slow right down, create a queue of traffic behind you so that the camera operator cannot get any revenue for a few minutes because of the greatly reduced traffic flow. Trouble is motorists may get angry and impatient, then one motorist starts to overtake and a head on collision happens. Then the Police will have blood on their hands and they will shut the road for hours in punishment.

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