Monday, April 21, 2008

Gavin and Stacey .

Sunday night was the last episode of Gavin & Stacey on BBC3 television. This was the second series of this hit comedy series that has many fans . I have enjoyed both series of this romantic comedy that, although the series is set in Billericay, Essex and Barry, Vale of Glamorgan - was shot largely in Barry and the surrounding area, including Barry Island, Dinas Powys and Cardiff.

Living in Cardiff my friends and family have watched this programme with great interest to spot the locations used for filming. The programme makers have given very little away, especially as they were trying to create the impression that half the programme was filmed in Essex, not south Wales. For the alleged filming in Essex they had to make sure there were no bi-lingual Welsh/English signs. In the penultimate episode Gail and I spotted the pub where Gavin and Smithy had a lunch together. We have had dinner in the same pub and it is not waitress service. We have no doubts that it is the Colcot Arms , Colcot Rd, Barry, South Glamorgan CF62 8UJ. In the last episode Gavin goes to pick up Smithy's sister from a drive through fast food take-away. We are sure this is the Burger King at Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff, South Glamorgan CF5 6XW - which is just up the road from our home. Then they drive off and we see them drive along Llanover Road in Ely, Cardiff - stopping to chat to 3 young girls outside the shops near the junction with Michaelston Road. My dog knows that grass very well indeed on his regular 1 hour walk around the Drope. It was a joy to spot these filming locations, especially as the viewer was led to believe they were in Essex!

The humour and local colour is spot on with well developed sub plots running through the whole series. It is quirky and very up to date, it is not a dated situation comedy. The dialogue is very good and there are no dull scenes. This programme deserves to win more awards and I hope that the BBC gives it another commission for a third series. Well done to the writing team and I am sure that viewers in other parts of the UK enjoyed Gavin & Stacey as much as the local area people have.
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