Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Human Spider .

On Thursday night I watched The Human Spider on Channel 4 television. Alain Robert , dubbed 'The Human Spider', is arguably the most daring climber the world has ever seen.

This heart-stopping Cutting Edge documentary follows the married father-of-three on his quest to 'free climb' some of the world's tallest buildings using just his bare hands, with no ropes or any safety equipment.

What an amazing documentary this was to watch. Alain Robert is famous for free solo climbing which is a form of buildering where the climber (the free soloist) foregoes ropes, harnesses and other protective gear while ascending and relies only on his or her physical strength, climbing ability, and psychological fortitude to avoid a fatal fall.

I was amazed at the skill of Alain Robert. There is no margin for error with this urban climbing, one slip and you are dead. He is an inspiration for human spirit. I admire greatly what he does yet in interviews he does not come across as some big headed, egotist, overpaid sports personality but as an ordinary down to earth bloke. He is not flash, just a wonderful guy enjoying his life and family. What he does is simply great and I now look at tall buildings and bridges in a very different way. What Alain Robert does is very challenging but it is also very naughty. He has to play cat and mouse with security guards to make his climbs. He is challenging the notions imposed by big companies that you cannot do this and that. He is exercising freedom, the freedom of movement and the freedom to make your own decisions and take your own risks in our risk averse society. It is refreshing to see him climb when our society puts so many barriers in the way of our everyday lives. He has climbed his way free of the unnecessary barriers put in our way. He is a free man and this documentary is an inspiration to us all.

Watch the video below to see The Human Spider in action.

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