Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Safer driving with the Police!

People may think that the Police set an example on safer driving. They have speed camera vans claiming safety, safer communities is a popular tag line for them to advertise. Yet what is in the newspaper today?...

The high powered luxury car, pursued by three panda cars, careered off the road and flew through the air before coming to rest on its roof.

Debris from the mangled wreck, including the Bentley's front grille, its bonnet and one of its wheels, was flung across the road.

The first police car, following close behind, hit the debris - then the second car smashed into the back of the first one.

The third police car swerved to avoid the crash and plunged off the road, causing 'serious damage.'

...Well done Hampshire Police! Four cars were involved in a pursuit and four cars damaged as a result of this Police pursuit. That is 100% of all the vehicles involved in this incident. The 3 Police cars, supposedly driven by professional drivers were damaged, a 100% failure rate. Maybe the Hampshire Police join in a new safety partnership with the Keystone Cops because you, the council tax payer are paying for this comedy.

Speed in itself does not kill but amateur, cowboy driving does cause damage and can kill. The Police should know better but I suppose their male ego's cannot cope with some spotty teenagers pulling away from them. Basic health and safety in the workplace is that you do not put yourself in danger, yet these Policemen have ignored this common sense. Their idea of risk assessment is seriously flawed.
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