Saturday, May 03, 2008

Cripes! Boris takes London.

In a major coup which handed David Cameron a landmark double election victory, Mr Johnson won 1,168,738 votes (53 per cent) to Mr Livingstone's 1,028,966 (47 per cent) after the second preferences of people who backed the other eight candidates were redistributed to the two front-runners. Mr Johnson won 1,043,761 first-preference votes, Mr Livingstone 893,877. Brian Paddick, the Liberal Democrat candidate, trailed in third with 236,685. There was a record 45% voter turn out in the London election.

...Well the votes are in and have been verified. What a local government election shock it has been for me to witness. Labour has done badly, very badly indeed. Look at the results for the English Metropolitan Districts , English Non Metropolitan Districts, English Unitary Authorities and the Welsh Councils , giving the worst election results for Labour over the last 40 years.

Labour has lost a lot of ground here in Wales and I was very surprised that Boris Johnson has been elected Mayor of London. I am very disappointed by the voter apathy in these local elections. It was a record 45% voter turn out in London but this figure is a disgrace. We have virtually no say in how our government works in our country, all we get is the odd vote after a few years. Yet 55% of the population cannot be bothered to get off their backsides to record a token vote, one way or the other every few years. I am disgusted with this level of voter apathy. I suspect that in private our elected politicians are laughing at the population, knowing that unless something really drastic happens, their jobs are really safe and they are not accountable to their electorate. What is the point of a democracy if only 45% of the population can be bothered to vote every few years?

I think that 1,168,738 Londoners have made the wrong choice in voting for a clown as Mayor of London but at least they voted! When things in London get worse under the leadership of Boris, I will have no sympathy at all for the 55% of Londoners who did not bother to vote.
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