Sunday, May 25, 2008


I went on the internet from this computer on Wednesday night although I did not post on this blog. There were no problems with my broadband internet connection and my internet experience was as good as ever.

On Thursday night I was unable to get onto the internet. I tried to re-install the modem in case that was posing a problem but it failed to recognise the network. I was not worried because our friends who live 10 minutes walk away from us had their internet connection drop on Tuesday. It was a network problem that their ISP quickly resolved.

On Friday night I tried again and our broadband internet was still down. So again I tried to re-install the modem but it still would not recognise the network. I tried everything I could think of using the software packages on this computer. I clicked and read every tab I could use on the broadband software. I found that sync detection had also failed. My telephone had worked as normal all this time and I was finally at a loss of how to get my broadband connection working again. As a last resort I telephoned the broadband technical support number of my ISP. They talked me through things that I had already done with no success and I told them all I knew about my problem. Then the guy said that he thought he knew exactly what the problem was, please hold and he will find out from another department. A few minutes later he spoke to me and confirmed that it was what he thought. It was a faulty chip set in the telephone exchange and that it would be repaired within the next 48 hours.

True to his word our broadband internet connection has been restored and the gremlins have gone.
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