Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Seren Restaurant, a Turkish restaurant in Cardiff.

Gail and I enjoy eating out once a week. We both enjoy our food and we try lots of different pubs in the area. We wanted to try something a little different today so we tried the Seren Restaurant , 146, Cowbridge Rd East, Cardiff, CF11 9ND - Tel: 029 2022 6242

The Seren Restaurant is in the heart of Canton, a popular shopping area to the west of Cardiff city centre. We were attracted to it because it serves Turkish food and we have had 3 lovely holidays in Turkey. They do a set price 2 course lunch menu for £6.50 - all Turkish favourites. What a treat this was, forget being in Canton, you could imagine that you were back in Bodrum! The background music and the smells coming from the kitchen reminded us of our holidays.

The food is how I remember it from Turkey, it was not watered down for British tastes. Having grown accustomed to traditional British pub lunches this meal came like a bolt out of the blue! The range of tastes and flavours just hits your palette and you think WOW! I had a special yogurt as a starter with mint and dill. The Turks have a way of cooking Lamb with numerous herbs and spices that gives me such joy. This was washed down with my Turkish holiday favourite Efes lager beer.

We were very pleased with our lunch and will be pleased to go back there again. It was a good menu with plenty of choice of starter. The main courses were different preparations of chicken and lamb, plus a vegetarian option. What a lovely change from the usual boring British fayre.
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