Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Windows XP Service Pack 3 .

I did the Windows Update on this computer yesterday and up pops Windows XP Service Pack 3. This was a very large update to download and install. I am not a fan of Windows but it does the job and once it has loaded it is a simple 2 clicks and away onto the internet.

What surprises me is the size of this operating system and the length of time you can hear the hard drive buzzing. Oh yes, it is user friendly but does it have to be so big and involved with this constant disc access and processing? Everybody moans about the time that modern computers take to boot up. Yet you can switch on a mobile telephone and it boots up really quickly. You surf the internet on a Windows PC and you can hear your hard disc buzzing away whilst the operating system is doing things in the background. I wonder whether all this processing activity is actually necessary. We all know about the secret files that Windows makes on your computer and all the other routines that it runs. There are other operating systems available and a version of Linux on the Asus Eee PC is claimed to boot up in 20 to 25 seconds. You can always use a Live CD that was given away free with a Linux computer magazine or download one of the many from the List of Live Distros on Wikipedia to insert into the CD drive of your desktop or laptop computer.

There is always a lot of bloated software about giving the user ease of use that is not always necessary. Remember, there are other ways of accessing the internet and mobile phones, radios and televisions do not take ages to boot up and then run loads of routines throughout your surfing session.
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