Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life's a beach - but in Birmingham?

Oh what hot weather we are having here in the UK at the moment. The temperatures are soaring and you have to be careful where you sit. Some buildings are very hot inside and you should escape them and find a place outside to sit in the shade.

On Sunday I walked into a rest room in Oxford Street, Birmingham at a facility than can only be described as Guantanamo Bay Lite . The heat in this room was so high, it was unbearable so I walked straight back out and leaned against a wall outside in the compound.

I was determined to find a better place for my rest break in Birmingham yesterday. I walked up to the Bull Ring, Shopping Centre which is a short walk away from the compound. On entering the Shopping Area you are confronted by a very welcome large sign that states "No Smoking beyond this point". I knew that this was a suitable area to spend my rest break but where could I sit? Birmingham is a very long way from the sea, in any direction - it is in the centre of England, the capital of the Midlands - hence the name. What did I find? I found a beach, an artificial beach in the middle of Birmingham. There were free deck chairs to sit on and a stage offering shade from the fierce sun. Marvelous, I sat down and enjoyed reading my current book whilst drinking water and eating my tea cakes. What a wonderful refreshing break I had at this lovely man made beach. Thank you Birmingham, what a lovely resource you have created for people passing through. This is far better than spending your rest break in a detention camp further down the road. What a lovely spot the Bull Ring Beach is, for shoppers, workers and people traveling through. Next time I am in Birmingham again I shall be going to the beach, my carrier back and lunch at the ready.
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