Friday, December 26, 2008

Petition to help stop the nuisance caused by the Police when they close motorways.

The current 'Health and Safety' culture appears to be causing a significant increase in the time motorways are closed when road traffic accidents occur. This results in very significant inconvenience to the travelling public, loss of revenue, loss of business, major congestion on local roads not suited for this traffic volume and dangerous levels of frustration among drivers. Currently there do not appear to be any controls or targets to encourage Chief Constables to re-open motorways as soon as the critical evidence has been gathered. Other developed countries in the EU and North America put a more balanced priority on keeping open the main autoroutes. The Prime Minister should require Chief Constables, who have responsibility for Motorways, to publish annual statistics of the percentage of times these motorways are shut for accident investigation and the total numbers of cars affected by each such closure.

We all know just what a nuisance it is when the Police close motorways for hours on end at the drop of a hat. Enough is enough and the general public are getting pissed off with the attitude of the Police. I am the 20th person to have signed up to this petition which closes on 27 January 2009, so why not add your name to this petition? We have very little say in this country of ours and this is an example of showing government just how we feel. We suffer regular city centre road closures in Cardiff due to the Police, when an event is on at the Millennium Stadium. If the Police are not stopped we will slowly drift into a Police state where our freedom of movement can be restricted on the whim of the Police.
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