Thursday, January 29, 2009

No Time For Goodbye by Linwood Barclay .

Cynthia Bigge is 14 years old and when she wakes up at home one morning she finds that her father, mother and brother have vanished. There is no note for her to read, her parents cars are gone and the Police cannot find her family. Cynthia is taken in by her Aunt Tess and her family is never found. It is mystery what happened that night but 25 years later the story unfolds.

This book has 437 pages and it is a crime/thriller. Lindon's writing style is very much like that of Harlan Coben in his book called The Woods . The resemblance is uncanny and both guys are quality authors. This novel has a very clever plot, told with very clever writing by a very clever man.

You finish this book and understand that everything is integral to the story. People do what they think is right at the time. They do not have the benefit of hindsight but they all have to live with the consequences.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I vote it a HIT. This novel is a quality read and I will be happy to buy another of Linwood's books. The last 3 pages of this story had me in tears because of the emotional warmth that suddenly exploded within the context of this very moving tale.

Looking at Linwood's website his next book is called Too Close to Home. "What if your next door neighbors were all murdered? And what if you found out the killers went to the wrong house?". That sounds very interesting and I imagine it will be a good buy when it is published in paperback.
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