Sunday, February 22, 2009

Second Glance by Jodi Picoult .

I was attracted to this 478 page book in the shop when I read the back cover...

From the moment Ross's fiancee Aimee was killed in a car accident, he's been trying to die too. But life won't let him go. His only hope now is that Aimee will come to him. So when he hears of strange happenings at an ancient Indian burial ground near his sister's house, he heads to Comtosook desperate for the rumours of a haunting to be true. What he finds there is not Aimee's ghost, but Lia, a very real woman whose life is filled with as many troubled secrets as his own.

...Okay, I thought, that sounds very interesting. I like ethnic novels and the thought of an adventure to an Indian village where this character meets another woman appealed to me. Oh, how wrong I was! The location of the Indian burial ground was not in India at all. Comtosook is in America and the Indians are Native Americans! Oh well, I have an open mind and I read all of this book.

Second Glance is Jodi Picoult's 10th novel which she wrote in 2003 and for some strange reason was not published in paperback here in the UK until 2008. This novel is not a thriller, it is a mystery, a very dull mystery. I vote this book a MISS. The back cover claims that Jodi Picoult is the UK's Number One best selling women's fiction author. Oh yes, she sells shed loads of books but having read Second Glance I wonder why. In the back of this book there is A Note from Judi Picoult - August 2008

Dear Reader,

I wrote SECOND GLANCE, my tenth novel, in 2003. It remains my favourite novel (so far!).

...Well sorry lass, having read Second Glance, which you claim to be your favourite, therefore rating it your best, then I shall not be reading another of your books. For a female author, give me Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie instead.

Second Glance is a fantasy story, it is not real or believable. It is a silly, make believe story that has no attitude or depth. Jodi's writing style is lightweight and she is like one of those boring women you can meet, who you are glad you are not married to or have to refuse a second date with. Jodi does not have the skills of a good storyteller, more the conversational style of a fish wife. I have brought nothing away from this daft novel that I have read over the last 21 days. Simply don't give this book a second glance.

NEXT book please!
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