Monday, March 16, 2009

Dr. Oetker Onken Mango, Papaya & Passion Fruit Biopot yogurt .

I go to work to earn money, not to spend money. Therefore I always take food with me to work and I do not buy anything out. Over time, like anybody, I can get a little bored with my regular packed lunch. I try different things and on our weekly supermarket shop I look at the shelves in the hope of finding something a little different.

Readers will notice that this blog is called natural yogurt and yes I do like to eat natural yogurt especially when it is poured over a mixed fresh fruit salad. I thought that maybe I could bring a large tub of natural yogurt to work, so I examined the refrigerator closely. There are many yogurts to choose from, some plain natural yogurt, others with some fruit in them. One tub of yogurt was on special offer, from a manufacturer I had not heard of before. The packaging looked bright but it was the lettering that attracted my attention. Mango, Papaya & Passion Fruit it declared. These are three of my favourite fruits and it brought back memories of having fruit smoothies at breakfast whilst on holiday in Cuba last year.

I thought why not, give it a try. So I purchased one 500g tub of Dr. Oetker Onken Mango, Papaya & Passion Fruit Biopot yogurt.

I took the pot to work and when I tasted my first spoonful I was amazed. This yogurt is gorgeous, it is rich and creamy. It has real fruit pieces in it and eating it becomes a dream. I was loving every spoonful and quickly the pot was empty. What a wonderful lunch this yogurt became and all I had left was an empty 500g pot. I then read all the information written on the outside of this tub. It has live bio cultures inside with the names of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobbacterium longum. It also has a live culture of Streptococcus thermophilus. What made me laugh though was the instruction "Once opened consume within 3 days"! No sorry, once opened this will always be consumed in one go! And where do they make this foreign sounding yogurt? Is it Holland, is it Belgium? Neither, try West Yorkshire. They make this beautiful yogurt at 1265 Century Way, Thorpe Park, Leeds LS15 8ZB.

I know now what is going to be in my shopping basket next week.
too bloody right stephen. at my work if you add up the coffees, cakes and sandwiches people get from the canteen and local shops you will see that they effectively work their first hour to pay for it.look forward to the change in title from natural yog to passion and fruit anyday soon ; )
Quite right Shift Commuter, I have noticed the amount of cash frittered away by workmates whilst at work. It really surprises me how much some people are prepared to pay for a 500ml bottle of water although sales have dropped 9 per cent this year.

I will not be changing the name of my blog because my brand has been running for over 5 years.
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